• Feeling Out of Step
    Feeling Out of Step?
    We need YOU for a mobility Study!
    We're looking for those ages 70 and older
    who want the pep back in their step.
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    If you are eligible for the study, you will receive:
      · blood tests to measure your markers of inflammation
      · study drug at no cost
      · compensation for your time
  • UF Institue on Aging
    Coordinating Center
    University of Florida
    Institute on Aging
    Department of Aging & Geriatric Research
    Gainesville, Florida

Welcome to The ENRGISE Study


Markers of Inflammation and Aging
Older adults can have slightly elevated markers of inflammation on a blood test with no signs of illness.

Research has found that higher levels of inflammation markers may lead to difficulties walking or easily getting tired or fatigued.

What can we do about this inflammation?
ENRGISE is a research study to look at different ways to reduce the level of markers in the blood to see if they could help increase mobility.

We will be looking at two ways to lower inflammation:

  • Omega-3, commonly found in fish oil
  • Losartan, a commonly used medication to treat high blood pressure

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You may qualify for this
study, if you:

  • are 70 years or older
  • have difficulty walking several blocks or climbing a flight of stairs
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